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Interpretation of the world classic Trombone
The performance time: 2015.01.10
Venue: Tianjin West Art Museum
Artist groups: Tianjin song and dance theater four trombone Quartet
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The performance profile:
Trombone playing contemporary outstanding extraordinary performance make people sit up and take notice of are trombone this instrument. They not only can use the trombone playing out wild peak flying so fast music high difficulty, can even in a trombone also played wonderful music to three voices. So, the composers for Trombone wrote many concertos, Sonatas and various concerts sketch and so on, dizzying. Unique portamento playing trombone (Gliss) has become a significant feature of jazz in playing the trombone, to become an important indispensable member in a jazz band. After nearly two thousand years of long history, outstanding performer, countless composers and unremitting efforts, the pursuit of exploration, trombone this ancient musical instrument into every field of music, whether it is elegant, luxurious symphony and chamber music popular jazz has its outstanding performance. Trombone with irresistible art skeleton force it ranked in the pipe, this big family.
Actor introduction:
Tianjin song and dance theater trombone Four Quartets

PRE:Boris a Berg piano solo concert "will be performed in the concert hall at 2015-05-10
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