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Boris a Berg piano solo concert "will be performed in the concert hall at 2015-05-10
The performance time: 2015.05.10
Venue: Concert Hall
Show details
In May 15, 2015, known as the "modern Lester" Israeli popular pianist Boris Jitberg will hold a "picture Fantasy - Boris Gilterberg piano solo concert", the critical in recent years on the international music pianist, will play Beethoven, Lester, Bartok and other composers in the performance of classical works.
Birgit Berg was born into a musical family in Moscow, he was showing a piano genius potential. Began to study piano at the age of 5, even in the masters of Russian, his talent will make people feel surprised. At the age of 11, Birgit Berg moved to Israel, where he studied under the famous contemporary piano educator Ali Wadi. As everyone knows, the two famous Chinese pianist Yundi Li and Chen SA had followed Ali Wadi study, the entry has, Birgit Berg or Yundi Li and Chen Sa "biconditional gate brothers". In the 10 years follow the wadi learning, Birgit Berg systematically studied the art of piano playing, growing into a mature pianist. Since debut, Birgit Berg repeatedly in the important international competition won awards, just a few years with Zu Bin Mehta, Christopher von Dohnanyi, Marina Alsop, Pletnev and other command master and the London Symphony Orchestra, the British Philharmonic Orchestra, Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra and other world-class Symphony Orchestra conducted successful cooperation. The authority of the British classical music magazine "phonograph" praise him "playing infectious so many master predecessors be cast into the shade", is a new generation of master pianist.
The piano recital Birgit Berg in the repertoire is rack one's brains, Beethoven, Lester, Bartok and Grieg works will show the Birgit Berg's personal artistic style from multi angle. Saint Beethoven's 32 Piano Sonata is known as the "New Testament", and this will play "Pathetique" sonata is one of the most prestigious one, works with tight structure and profound connotation.
Another famous composer Lester's B minor Piano Sonata has always been pianists think is the most difficult one of the piano sonata, works not only to the player with the requirements of high technology, and on the whole the performer's ability to grasp is also a huge challenge, and therefore it is known as the "epic Sonata song".
The other two works in concert, Grieg Piano Sonata and Bartok features six dance fusion of romanticism and the respective music composer, whether it is the passionate Bartok dance or tenderness melody of Grieg Sonatas, Birgit Berg talent and character will be fully displayed, which is also the audience into the best opportunity for music the world.

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