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Italy Milan Symphony Orchestra New Year Concert
The performance time: 2014.12.31
Venue: Xi'an Music Hall
The artist group: Italy Milan Symphony Orchestra?
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Italy Milan Symphony Orchestra
Founded by Anthony Molina of the Milan Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1952 in Italy. The 65 musicians formed the band can be divided into the chamber orchestra, the Milan soloists, Milan Orchestra, harmonious music troupe and the Milan orchestra.
The Milan Symphony Orchestra and Gl Jhnny had this century the world's best conductor (Tinelli) Marco Salon (Marcosano) Camisi (Camicia) Palmer flexion sub (Patria) Cavallari (Cavallari) such as command master cooperation.
Milan Symphony Orchestra recordings won the best radio and Television Award, the orchestra plays both the Baroque era and contemporary works Suite Home works. With its unique way of playing the interpretation of Bach, Verdi, Haydn, Mel Mozart, Beethoven Cardin, splendid movement. In addition, the Milan Symphony Orchestra will also baroque that no one knows the instrumental music onto the stage. The Milan Symphony Orchestra and a proud is played many chorus works: "Mahler songs", Bach's choral works and the composer Rossini, Verdi and do Nitzsch Siti's works, these works depict the rich beauty of Italy and London Battie flavor.
Every year Italy famous Theatre (Milan, Teatro alla Scala, Florence opera, Bologna opera house, Italy, the Genoa opera house, Turin concert hall, Rome Concert Hall) music season are the Milan Symphony masterpiece.
Milan Symphony Orchestra frequently appeared in major festivals: the world's most ancient opera festival -- the Florence Music Festival Arts Festival; ravenna.
The orchestra was invited to visit Germany, France, Japan, Austria, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Spain and other countries. The most worth mentioning is the musical "great terror; Ligeti" this opera successfully staged the Milan Symphony Orchestra, soon became the Italy music industry focus.
Pablo Dupuy Juan learning vocal music in Italy Milan Teatro alla Scala art department, then under the tutelage of Bruno Bora and Peng Na Isabel. In 2008, Germany was named the best Lyric Opera actors. Won the best performance award in the Zarzuela Madrid Colmenar Vicki vocal competition. One of the world famous Three Tenors Stacy Domingo recommended Juan Pablo Dupuy in Russia Moscow organized the nineteenth world opera festival. Has held solo concert in Chilean Santiago municipal theatre. In 2010, Spain Madrid Royal Opera House to ask him to join Jin Puenshan batted Rossini "Lance Tour", played by Emilio Saki Regie. In 2012, he was invited to the Santiago municipal opera in Chile, the opera season and in Bizet's opera "Carmen", Wagner's "Tang Haoshe" and Verdi "Aida" plays an important role.
Since 2002, as a solo performer singing too many works in the opera "Rigoletto": "Mrs Macbeth" "Turandot" "Pan Asia - Taurus Zarzuela, don Carlos" "Tristan and Isolde", "the barber of Seville", he in the modern opera of Aranda, as the actor of solo debut Weiantuo Blanco. With many famous artists have cooperation: Maurizio Ben Jhnny, Timmy Terry, Jose Lewis, Judah Rosicky Stasi, Dominican, Fabulasheng Jose etc.. With many famous Symphony Chorus, Chamber Orchestra and opera cooperation, frequently sang in one of the most famous theatres of europe.
Federica praised the Na Luo taught at the Italy Music School of Cremona, is vice president of Pon Ki Yerly music association.
In 2008 graduated from the Parma School of music opera professional, under the tutelage of soprano Mirella Fren and Michele Pertusi in the master class, also benefit from Alain Billard, Mariella Deviation and Luciana Serra help master. Who plays the female lead in the opera "Turandot" and "to" the barber, is also involved in a number of Opera: "La Traviata" Rigoletto "" "" "" heart of woman servant mistress as show.
2009 to participate in the check initiated by Stephen Schwarzson Richard's Capri Opera Festival and awards. With her solo opera fragment frequently appeared in Italy each big theater, was also invited to perform in Switzerland, Japan etc.. She also and by the Toscanini orchestra conductor Ennio Mori Connie recorded multiple version of opera CD.
Alphonsus, she gained command of professional degree in Phu GA Umberto Giordano music school, also has obtained the opera conductor professional degree in Italy Pescara Music Institute, the Barry Nicola Piccinni Institute of music won the choral conducting professional degree, professional degree obtained Lecce Tito schipa Trumpet Music college.
In 1993, won the Italy Bao Ti international conducting competition first prize; in 1997, won the fourth Fa Ron Kocka Puna O medal CARICOM command. In 2005, won the top second in the first international Luigi Mantz Hei command in the game (the first vacancy).
Debut 20 years, she has command of Alphonsus, many world famous orchestra: Palma Opera Orchestra, Barry Peter Lou Celli band, Thrun Tor Boer Zano band, Haydn band, the new Russian State Symphony Orchestra, the Czech Krum Orchestra, the Kiev National Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra as well as in Pilsen Radio Symphony Orchestra etc.. From 2006 to 2008, he is the Italy Tuscany Opera Festival

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