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Denis Cheng Hao Valentine's Day guitar solo concert
Date of 2015 02 months 14 days
Time 19:30
Performance in Shanghai Music Hall
Denis - Cheng hao:
Denis - Cheng Hao on 2005 to the European music hall organization "Star" status on the stage in New York's Carnegie hall debut. Since the 14 year old won the first prize in the Belgian national "young talent" competition, Denis Cheng Hao's footprints all over the world the main stage, including the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Vienna golden hall, Salzburg Mozart hall, Bermingham symphony hall, Stockholm Concert House, the Athens central hall, Brussels art house, Paris higher School of music, Cologne the Philharmonic, Berlin Philharmonic Hall etc.. He played in Cologne the modern music festival, also worked with the French modern chamber orchestra. France, Belgium, Canada, in countries such as South Korea USA radio and television and print media, recording his international performing career.

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